A note from Jules

I hope that you are all having a great start to 2020. We kicked off our Julep deliveries last week and are excited to be back surrounded by flowers and doing what we love: making people’s days!

When we sent out our first Julep Box a few months ago, we were excited to begin testing our product and delivery model. We have learned so much and have had such fun along the way. Having started by putting pressure on our friends and family to order, we now have the vast majority of our business coming from people we don’t know. We’ve received some phenomenal customer feedback – from both senders and receivers. And we have started some great relationships with flower sellers, farmers, and couriers. Although I’m the only person working full time on Julep, I’m so excited to feel such a great community starting to form around the business. Thank you for being an important part of that.
Looking to 2020, we’re focused on delivering the best product we can, for both the sender and receiver. We have some exciting product ideas on the back-burner and I am so looking forward to sharing these with you as they progress. We’re also keen to continue, and accelerate, the strong growth we achieved last year. Word-of-mouth has been our best marketer (and the cheapest!), so thank you for supporting us in building our business. In addition, we’ve received some fantastic contacts (flower lovers, flower sellers, and corporate buyers) from this community – so please do continue to share these with us.
As always, I love hearing from you so feel free to send me an email at jules@julep.co.za.

To a great year ahead!