Our Story | Making Your Day

At the heart of the Julep story, is a love story. We had been dating for just a few months when we started talking about what we wanted our careers to look like. We were both looking for an opportunity to do something we cared deeply about and that made people’s lives better. 

We both loved giving and receiving flowers and it struck us that there was an opportunity to make our own mark on the flower delivery and gifting experience. The way that we connect with those closest to us means everything to us, and we wanted to create a flower delivery business that delivered the best possible experience for both the sender and receiver. 

We share the view that the only reason a company exists is to serve its customers and this is something that we take very seriously. Our customers have left over 1900 positive reviews on our website which you can read here. When we started Julep a few years ago, we didn’t expect to find customers whose kindness and thoughtfulness exceeded our imaginations. These customers are primarily women — in fact, almost 85% of our orders are women sending to other women. 

Our mission is “Making Your Day”. We love what we do, and we take great care in helping our customers show up and connect with those who mean the most to them. 

Our customers send our flowers for all the reasons you may have imagined but also for many surprising reasons too, and very often for our favourite reason, which is no reason at all — the just because.

We're motivated by the growth that Julep has experienced over the past couple of years, supported by a small and dedicated team in Joburg and Cape Town. It still feels like it’s only the start of our company’s journey and we’re so excited about helping you deliver joy to the ones you love in the years to come.

Julia and Nic Rosslee