A few minutes with Julep's Christmas Tree, The First Noël

Who are you?

I'm Noël, The First Noël, in fact.

And you're a tree?

Yes. Well, most of the year I'm known as a Lemon Cypress but when Christmas comes around people start looking for something coniferous to decorate their living room. They see me and they're like: "There's our Christmas Tree!" and I feel so important.

Why a Christmas Tree?

Is there anything that brings more festive cheer than your own real Christmas tree? I'm a cute miniature version of your classic tree which means you can buy The First Noël and share them with your loved ones like you're Oprah!

Do I just get the tree in my Julep Box?

That would be sad, wouldn't it? Inside your Julep Box alongside your tree will be a local, hand-made fabric planter and everything you need to decorate it beautifully - fairy lights, gold baubles, the works!

You look taller than the Julep Box. Are you sure you'll fit?

I'm standing in front of it which makes a bit of an illusion. If you want to look taller in your Christmas photos try to stand closer than your siblings. Or you can take a family selfie with you standing well ahead of them... Don't say I didn't teach you anything!