Julep Gift Cards | Sharing Memories and Moments

Sending flowers is personal. Whether you are thanking someone for their kindness, or celebrating an achievement, the message that comes with the delivery is often the most meaningful and memorable part of it all. 

We have put a lot of thought into making our Julep gift cards as personal as possible. Here are a few of the ways: 

  • When placing your order, we give you the option to add a photograph to your gift card. This is quick and easy to do, allowing you to share an important memory or moment, along with beautiful flowers.
  • If you don't have a photograph you would like to include, we use one of our beautiful floral graphics designed by Jot Illustrations
  • We don't include any branding or typical gift card images - just a simple design where your message is at the centre.
  • We design the layout of each card individually. You don't have to worry about the length of your message or orientation of your photo (portrait or landscape) - we'll adjust the layout to fit the space beautifully.
  • Our cards are printed single-sided on high-quality photo paper so they're perfect to keep around - whether that's on the fridge or as a bookmark.
  • We intentionally don't hand-write your messages as we don't want to involve a stranger's handwriting in your personal message.
  • We pay attention to detail and double-check each gift card before it goes out.  


Looking for some guidance on writing great cards? Read more on our blog.