Five great reasons to send a Julep Box

Giving someone flowers is one of the best ways to show them that they are valued. We love seeing all of the thoughtful (and creative) reasons that might lead to someone sending a Julep Box. One of our favourite orders was from a client who sent flowers to her mum to celebrate her own 30th birthday - we loved that!

They say that the best way to bring some sunshine into your own life is to make someone else feel great, as it gives you a chance to bask in their glow. So we’ve decided to match each of our five Julep Classics with a great reason to send them.

1. Welcoming a new baby into this world - Heartbeats

When we named this bouquet, we had the Jose Gonzalez song in mind - a song about young love (of the romantic type)! We completely missed the symbolism that the title could be related to the beating heart of a baby coming into the world.

Got a friend, colleague or relative in the throes of pregnancy or the early stages of motherhood? That’s someone who deserves some flowers! 

2. Acknowledging a friend’s kindness and generosity - Special Star

It shouldn’t take you too long to think about that friend or colleague’s act of kindness that really caught you by surprise. Even if it was a while ago, show that Special Star in your life how much their generosity and support meant to you!

3. Celebrating good news - Drops of Jupiter

Birthdays, engagements and anniversaries are all lovely occasions to celebrate, but what about the smaller achievements that sometimes go unnoticed? We’re thinking of a friend going for their first Park Run after an injury, or the end of a stressful work project – those little victories.

The Casablanca Lily is a symbol of happiness and celebration which makes the Drops of Jupiter the perfect arrangement for these special moments.

4. Showing your excitement for a special occasion - Such Great Heights 

As we edge toward the end of the year there's so much to look forward to: weddings, parties and family holidays. This gives us a special window of time where we get to daydream about these special occasions.

The abundant hydrangeas of the Such Great Heights will have you dreaming of your best life in no time!

5. Flowers for no good reason at all – Moondance


In our view, the best possible reason to buy flowers for someone, is for no good reason at all. Nothing shows someone that you value them quite like flowers arriving at their door, unexpected. The Moondance is a classic combination that is sure to hit the right spot.

Unprompted, unexpected, unannounced… Unbelievable!