The Julep Flowers Journal - Julep's Gift Cards

Some of the feedback that we have received from you, our customers, is that you would like to find out more about Julep: from why we started the business, to how we do things, and where we hope to take Julep in the future.

We have decided to record a few short conversations from behind the scenes which we're calling The Julep Flowers JournalOur first episode is with founders, Nic and Jules, talking about Julep’s gift cards. Your gift messages are really at the heart of what we do which is why we thought it would be an excellent place for us to start.

Nic and Jules discuss: why gift cards are such an important part of Julep, what makes our cards different, and why we've decided not to handwrite them.

Listen on the media players below through either Spotify or Instagram.
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