Why the Julep Box?

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We absolutely love our Julep Boxes! We understand that you’re not used to seeing flowers delivered in boxes – so, we’ll explain ourselves: 

For the Flowers

Protection – You might think that water is the number one priority for flowers. But, protecting the stems and the petals during packing and delivery is actually far more important. You can rehydrate a fresh stem quite quickly, but it’s game over for a damaged one. The main reason we designed the Julep Box was to deliver your flowers to you in the best condition possible!

Delivery in bud – We deliver your flowers fresh directly from the market, which means they may still be in bud with their protective guard petals when they arrive. We want you to be able to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible.

Efficient logistics – Our boxes were designed to fit snugly into motorcycle couriers’ delivery bins. In our view, this is the most efficient and direct mode of delivery. Given the perishable and fragile nature of flowers, we didn’t want to use the traditional courier model.

For You

Unboxing – Who doesn't love the magical feeling of opening a beautiful gift box? There's a child-like air of wonder, mystery and excitement that comes with opening a present...

Arranging – With the Julep Box you don't just unwrap the plastic and plonk the flowers in a vase. We've heard that sticking on your favourite playlist and pouring yourself a glass of wine while arranging your flowers is often the most enjoyable part of the Julep experience.

Moving - You might need to move your flowers from work to home, from home to a friend or a weekend away. Our boxes make it easy to do this.

For the Earth

Less packaging - The Julep Box and its inserts are recyclable and we avoid using plastic at all costs. We love seeing the way our customers have repurposed our boxes.